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21 Sep 2016
Grails 3 Book - Practical Grails 3

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been working on a book for the Grails 3 framework - Practical Grails 3!

The question of “Will there be a Grails 3 book?” has been on the mind of many of you. I’ve been working on this book for the past 6 months and am very excited to share that it’s almost here!

This is the first book dedicated to the latest Grails 3 framework. It is a practical guide to Grails which will get beginners started quickly, intermediate users will learn best practices and advanced users will learn something new as well.

The book covers the concepts behind many of the best practices when building a Grails 3 application. I cover the full life cycle from getting your environment setup to production deployment and everything in-between.

The second half of the book is dedicated to building a non-trivial application using and expanding on the concepts learned. I’ll cover best practices, common gotcha’s, plugins, spring boot, deployments, monitoring, and a whole lot more.

This is a living book. There will be regular updates when versions of Grails 3 are released covering the changes and new features.

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When will Practical Grails 3 be released?

The rough schedule is:

  • Out to first reviewers & free sample chapter - October
  • Early Access (discounted price) - December
  • Release - Q1 2017

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How much will it cost?

No price set yet but will be in line with other technical books it’s size and depth.

Why are you writing this book?

I’ve been part of the Grails community for a while now and wanted to give something back and build something that will help our community grow!

You should include X!

I’d love your feedback! @grails3book or

Will there be any print copies?

No current plans on a physical printed copy.

Will there be any translations?

I’m only an english speaker but I know that Grails developers come from many different countries and speak different languages. If you would be interested in doing a translation of the book please let me know.

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